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            It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of reducer/p>

            ABOUT US


            Zhejiang Tongli Transmission Technology Co., Ltd

            Zhejiang TONGLI Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. (Originally known as TONGLI Heavy Gear Co., Ltd.) established in 2008 and is a National High-Tech enterprise which engaged in Gear Reducer (Gearbox) R & D, manufacturing, sales and service. After years of steady development and technology accumlation,TONGLI has been grown to become China gear industry Well-Known recognized enterprises. In recent years, TONGLI has participate in formulate two “Industrial Gearbox” National Standards, and as one of the launched company, TONGLI is responsible for drafting the “Low-power universal industrial Gearbox in China Gear Industry” this series of industry standards. Owns more than a dozen of core technology patents and independent R&D product respectively and National Torch Program project.

            Universal Gear Reducer and Industrial Gearbox are TONGLI’s leading products and widely used in Steel metallurgy, Coal, Electricity, Cement, Petrochemicals, Road construction, Environmental Protection, Pharmaceutical, Hoist and Transportation, Beer and Drinking Machinery and other pillar industries of the national economy. Successively provide high performance matching Gearbox for Shanghai BAOSTEEL, ANSTEEL, CSSC, ZPMC, SHENGLI OILFIELD, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed railway, Beijing-Guangzhou High-speed railway, Beijing-Tibet Railway, The CCTV Spring Festival GALA stage equipment and other large domestic industrial enterprises and Nation Key Projects. And exported to Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East and other countries and regions,and obtained many approvals and praises from home and abroad customers.

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            For more information on KONE reducer, please see here! ! !



            Ningbo Jiangbei District Chamber of Commerce and Industry delegation visited KONE

            This afternoon, a delegation of more than 20 people from the Jiangbei District Chamber of Commerce and Industry, l...

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